Sept 5, 2016 My First Showing of Watercolors
As part of my having 2 Oil paintings juried into the Sept/October Filoli exhibit , I was able to show and have for sale some of my Watercolors for the first time. Although not framed,  the matted originals received praise. Scroll down to see these and other watercolors and also a post on how to do some watercolor techniques. Available for Sale.
Venice Lagoon

                      Venice Lagoon     12 x 18 on Arches

North Coast

                               North Coast             12 x 18 on Arches

Monterey By Whale Watching

                             Monterey Bay Whale Watching         12 x 18 on Arches

Surfing at Capitola

                                      Surfing at Capitola           12 x 18 on Arches

Big Sur

                                          Big Sur               12 x 18 on Arches

September 14, 2015 Monterey Bay
In celebration of my First Place Award ” Old Custom House” this weekend in Monterey  I am posting a large watercolor of  Monterey Bay that I painted many years ago.            Available for sale 20 x 28 in.  Copyright protected

Monterey Bay                                                copyright 2015 Shamble

August 26, 2015  A few Watercolor techniques

A Basic Watercolor Color Palette 

I prefer to use tube paints squirted into the small compartments of a John Pike plastic palette box that seals with a lid.
Just add a wet brush of water to the dry paint in the compartment when ready to paint .
Usually its good to have a Warm (W)  and a Cool (C) version of each color
Red : Alizarin Crimson (C) and Cadmium Red medium ( W)
Yellow : Naples Yellow (C) Cadmium Yellow Light (W)
Green : Pthalo Green ( Caution) this is a very strong color so mix with other yellows , oranges to make believable greens.
Blue: Ultramarine Bluse (C) , Thalo Blue (W) Cobalt Blue (W)
Orange : Gold Ochre (C) Cadmium Orange (W)
Others: Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Opera (pink)


One of the most important things is to mix your own colors and use several variations as you paint. Mix on the pallette to test and see what you will get. Later with experience you can sometimes mix wet in wet right on the paper.
* Greys * Mix color opposites to give great greys, and avoid buying tunbe greys unless for special uses. Your greys should have variety to them,  (sometimes warm sometimes cool) , and use them to set the stage for bright colors.
Examples are:
Cobalt Blue and Cad Orange = Grey
Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue = Grey
Yellow + Purple (Blue + Red) = Grey
Alizarin Crimson + Cobalt  + Burnt Sienna = purple Grey
Experiment with other endless combinations.
*Blacks* These should be mixed also to again give a range of variety
Alizarin Crimson + Thalo Green = strong Black
Burnt Sienna + Ultramarine Blue + Cad red = Black
Sepia + Thalo Green + UB + Alizarin = varieties of blacks
Cad red + Ultramarine Blue = reddish or bluish Black
April 2, 2015
Henry Coe State Park, Morgan Hill Ca.
I painted this watercolor in a few hours this past Monday afternoon .
en Plein Air  14 x 20 in
Giant Oaks and Shed

Giant Oaks and Shed

Jan 17, 2015
Here is a Plein Air watercolor that I painted in a few hours at the San Antonio Open Space Reserve in Cupertino.Ca. Late afternoon
August 2014 Cabin Views : Echo Lake and Lander Wyoming

There must be something about being above 7000 feet in a cabin and enjoying the framed view. Here are 2 quick watercolor sketches I did based on inspiring views at Echo Lake and Lander:

Lander cabin view-9155

Echo window view-9154

View some of my recent and favorite Watercolors by scrolling down this page. 

April 2014    Here are 3  favorite watercolor paintings of mine:                                                                                                                                                      

Fall Mountain Aspens (2 of 1)

Fall Mountain Aspens , Watercolor on Arches paper    14 x 20 in


Custom House, Monterey Ca. (2 of 1)

Customs House, Monterey Ca. Watercolor on Arches   14 x 20 in


Waves at Asilomar Beach (2 of 1)

Waves at Asilomar Beach, Ca. Watercolor on Arches 14 x 20 in


Six New Watercolors to celebrate the new “My Painting Galleries” page. 




Studio Watercolor: Beginning with an Underpainting


     Lake Aloha, Desolation Wilderness                             Watercolor on Arches 13 x 18 in.



Lake Tahoe Wildfire from Echo Peak                      Watercolor on Arches, 14 x 24 in



Ocean View of Cannery Row, Monterey                         Watercolor on Arches 14 x 20 in


Tuolumne Meadows, within Yosemite National Park, is at 8000 ft. and is absolutely beautiful.   I enjoy camping, hiking and painting here. This was a large size watercolor for attempting on site, but I had time and the conditions were perfect.

Lambert Dome, Tuolumne Meadows             PleinAir Watercolor on Arches, 18 x 24 in.

Another PleinAir.   I had nice crowds of onlookers as I painted this in a few hours from along the walkway near Fishermans’ Wharf.  It was a clear enough day to see Santa Cruz on the horizon across the Monterey Bay.

Monterey Bay                                         PleinAir Watercolor on Arches, 14 x 20 in.
 Ocean Regatta, Santa Cruz                                          Watercolor on Arches, 14 x 20 in.

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