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Flickr    – This is a link to my AShamble Pro Photography Gallery on Flickr. Just click on it to go there, use the back arrow to come back here. I am starting to post more in the public domain with a copyright watermark. If you are family or friends then you have access here to all my other photos as well.

Links to other inspiring, informative, and interesting sites:


Clyde Aspevig – A master landscape painter of the American West.

 Marc Dalessio – Marc teaches at the Florence Academy in Italy and is now living in Holland. He paints and teaches PleinAir and studio works. Along with his great oil landscape and portrait paintings his website is a treasury of useful hints and techniques,  videos.

Peggy Spiess – Colorful botanical closeups that look like beautiful landscapes to me.

Blogs and Websites

Luminous Landscape – This is a serious Photography site with essays, product reviews, techniques and lots of great artistic photography. Always interesting .

Oil Color Palettes – Aaron Millers’ blog lists palettes used by painters over the centuries.

Art Suppliers

ASWExpress –  I have been using ASW online for over 10 years to purchase my Arches watercolor paper blocks and other supplies.  I highly recommend Arches, they have been making this paper for over 500 years, since 1492 !  The blocks prevent the wet paper from buckling,  just trim the single sheet off with a small blade when the painting is completed.

Blick – Their Masterstroke series Flat Bristle brushes are very nice. Good overall selection of supplies. I like driving up to the Berkeley store to select brushes by eye.


One of my favorite Plein Air painting locations in La Jolla, Ca.

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  1. Hello Al, I just spent an enjoyable morning at your website, looking at all your work and clicking on the links. Love to see what you are doing – especially the photo of your work in relation to the view you are painting- to see the translation from 3D to 2D in one photo. Also I like that you are saying how much time you’ve committed to some of the studies. The diagonal composition in the oil paintings is really impressive – spent a lot of time looking at Yosemite Valley and Yosemite peaks – beautiful work. And I really enjoyed several from the watercolor series including: the boats in dry-dock from the “new watercolor series” and Mtn Aspens and Ocean Regatta. I hope it is not presumptive to say I hope we can paint together sometime. The website is easy to get around – I wonder how much time to have to devote to this and if you feel it detracts from the time you have available to paint? Thanks for sharing your work.