New Page “My Painting Galleries” and More

Probably sooner than I thought, I have added a Galleries Page ( above) that features separate galleries for Watercolors  and Oils !  There are also several new images, 3 of them are new paintings.  I am thinking about adding a third gallery for all the PleinAir paintings, but for now they are mixed in with the studio paintings. See if you can spot them.

I have made changes on almost every Page and Post. Most of the Page headers now have new images.  I have also noticed ( with my Artist Eye ) that some of the images were showing up darker than they really are. Yet, when I added them into the Galleries they looked ok. So, I have spent a little time going through the site replacing some images with brighter, truer versions.

Goldfish Cove , La Jolla Ca.     Plein Air   Natural Bridges Santa Cruz, Ca.   Plein Air   Flagpole Peak, Echo Lake Ca.

Take a look page by page and notice the differences.


Published by Al Shamble

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have a minor in Visual Arts from UCSD where I received my BA in Biology. I am inspired by Nature and love hiking in California's Sierra Nevada and diving beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. I enjoy the interplay of painting Plein Air, being an outdoor photographer, and creating paintings in the studio.

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