Aug. 16, 2021 I have a new Fine Art website

Hi Everyone, I finally decided that I needed a real website to showcase my work. I will continue to keep my Blog here, but it will be much easier to see my paintings on the new website. I have 3 categories of paintings that are easily accessed in the main header under Paintings: They are Seascapes, Landscapes and Watercolors. I have loaded in over 50 paintings. If you hover over a photo: The Title, Size, Availability and Price will show. I had some trouble with photos of my paintings getting distorted on the blog, and the gallery section was cumbersome. I really like the new website, it has a sharper design , is speedy and easy to keep up to date. Hope you like it too.

Please subscribe on the new website to keep in touch. So far I will have Open Studio here at my Home in East Garrison the middle 2 weekends of October, and I have been invited to paint in the Capitola Plein Air Competition in November.

Published by Al Shamble

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have a minor in Visual Arts from UCSD where I received my BA in Biology. I am inspired by Nature and love hiking in California's Sierra Nevada and diving beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. I enjoy the interplay of painting Plein Air, being an outdoor photographer, and creating paintings in the studio.

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  1. Al, I look forward to seeing all of the paintings and watercolors in one place. Question, do you know of a reputable art appraiser? I just had 3 paintings by Duane Wakeham cleaned and would like to have them appraised. Hope to see you and Helen before to long. Marya

    1. Hi Marya, Thanks for checking out my new website, Im still going to do updates on this blog and link the two up eventually. Helen is looking forward to seeing you in a few days on Wednesday. For appraisals I think most people look online, although some of the galleries down here probably do it too. I looked him up and there are ballpark $ numbers for some of his paintings the have been auctioned. I typed his name and then there is one search ArtValue Price Guide at
      Probably depends on size and condition . Ranges for 4 of those painting from auctions were 400 to 1200. Al