Dec. 2020, and what a Year !

Hopefully I can spread some enjoyment and cheer here at the end of the year by posting a few of the paintings that I did in the last few months. Wow, I noticed that I haven’t posted since August.. The reason for my posting delay was that I had minor computer issues (now fixed) but also the many realities that 2020 threw at us with fires, politics and the virus. At our home we are healthy, but Covid has taken a toll throughout the world and nation. I think we are all looking forward to a normal, safe and healthy 2021.

From a strictly art viewpoint 2020 was hard. No Plein Air competitions, few shows, few sales; conferences and workshops cancelled. My motivation was lacking until I decided to volunteer to be the coordinator for my Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Associations paint outs. I published a weekly schedule, and starting Sept 30th anywhere from 5 to 12 of us began to meet at outdoor locations wearing masks and painting at a safe distance from one another. I think we all enjoyed the boost it gave our paintings. Now on Dec 14, Monterey county begins a lockdown and I have cancelled meetings until further notice. Just when us painters were getting in the groove again too, but now we have positive momentum so its ok!

These are all Plein Air paintings . All are available for sale. Sometimes an outdoor painting is a study for a larger work, sometimes it is a finished piece. Either way, seeing the actual light and colors on location are the real reason we paint Plein Air.

Happy Holidays to Everyone ! Al

“Cove at Pt Lobos”
“Monterey Bay, Pacific Grove”
“Garappata, Wave Surge”
“Sea Arch, Pt Lobos”
“Monastery Beach”
“Moss Landing Harbor”

Published by Al Shamble

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have a minor in Visual Arts from UCSD where I received my BA in Biology. I am inspired by Nature and love hiking in California's Sierra Nevada and diving beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. I enjoy the interplay of painting Plein Air, being an outdoor photographer, and creating paintings in the studio.

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