Paintings on my Studio Wall May 8, 2020

This painting ” Sailing in Santa Cruz” from 2001, is hanging on the wall in my studio. Its there, reminding me of a lovely day sitting and painting with my french easel on the beach. Is it Blacks Beach? Anyway recognize the location? I started this as a Plein Air and almost completed it, adding some finer details later in the studio. It is a little large to complete en Plein Air all in one sitting at 16 x 20 inches, but I went for it. The summer before I began a large 30 x 40 inch Plein Air painting up in the Sierra Nevade at 7400 ft. painting 3 hours a day for 5 mornings, so this seemed a likely challenge.

The limited color palette works well for landscapes and seascapes. Using just 8 colors assures a harmony and added realism to the scene. The oil colors used where: Thalo Blue, Thalo Green, Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Cad Yellow Light, and Titanium White. For finer details in the studio I used a medium that I mix of of 1/3 Refined Linseed Oil, 1/3 Grumbacher medium II, and 1/3 Gamsol solvent. The medium helps with finer lines and smoothes brushstrokes.

“Sailing in Santa Cruz” 16 x 20 oil on canvas

About Al Shamble

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have a minor in Visual Arts from UCSD where I received my BA in Biology. I am inspired by Nature and love hiking in California's Sierra Nevada and diving beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. I enjoy the interplay of painting Plein Air, being an outdoor photographer, and creating paintings in the studio.
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  1. Dana Richards says:

    This is a favorite of mine! Amazing that you did it Plein Aire!

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