January 2020: Yosemite Plein Air

Here is my 12 x 16 PleinAir oil on linen panel from 1/14. This past week we were at Yosemite for 4 days, and during that time I painted 2 watercolors and 2 Plein Air oil paintings. On the 3rd night it snowed. I ventured out into the cold morning to search for inspiring light but with the cold heavy overcast it took me some time to settle on a location. The snow melted and the clouds kept rolling in and out playing hide and seek with my painting. Happy with the result.

Yosemite Cathedrals View 12x 16, Oil on linen panel

About Al Shamble

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have a minor in Visual Arts from UCSD where I received my BA in Biology. I am inspired by Nature and love hiking in California's Sierra Nevada and diving beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. I enjoy the interplay of painting Plein Air, being an outdoor photographer, and creating paintings in the studio.
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4 Responses to January 2020: Yosemite Plein Air

  1. Jeff Chase says:

    You SHOULD be happy with this, Al. It REALLY feels like you’re there! Warm, cold, sun, snow, clouds…it’s all there.

  2. Dana Richards says:

    I hop you spend lots more time in Yosemite. This painting is magnificent!

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