Pt. Lobos and MBPAPA Natividad Hospital Show.

I have 2 paintings juried into the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters show at Natividad in Salinas. The show runs from March 26th for a full year. Due to virus concerns the reception has been cancelled, but the some 70 paintings will be on display to provide some cheer to the patients and families. You can visit and see ” The Shark Fin” and “High Tide at Asilomar” on the hospitals second floor.

Also, yesterday I spent an overcast afternoon at Pt. Lobos State Park and painted this small 9 x12 Plein Air oil. I had many kind compliments from both hikers and school children as they passed me by on the trail. A Sea Otter in the cove below put on a show for all to enjoy. A fun day.

“Wonders of Pt Lobos State Park ” 9 x 12 inch, Oil on linen panel
“The Shark Fin” 9x 12 inch , oil on linen panel
“High Tide at Asilomar” 12 x 16 inch, oil on linen panel
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90th Annual Statewide California Landscape Exhibition

My Plein Air oil painting ” At the Point” has been juried into the 90th Annual Landscape Exhibition in Santa Cruz. Should be a great show! It sure was fun watching the surfers dive from the cliff, launching themselves into the waves. There are still a few small flecks of beach sand imbedded into the painting from that day. The Exhibition by the Santa Cruz Art League runs from Feb 28th to April 12th. A reception for anyone interested is March 6 from 6-8pm at 526 Broadway Santa Cruz. Hope to see you there!

“At the Point” Plein Air oil on archival panel, 12 x16 inch
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January 2020: Yosemite Plein Air

Here is my 12 x 16 PleinAir oil on linen panel from 1/14. This past week we were at Yosemite for 4 days, and during that time I painted 2 watercolors and 2 Plein Air oil paintings. On the 3rd night it snowed. I ventured out into the cold morning to search for inspiring light but with the cold heavy overcast it took me some time to settle on a location. The snow melted and the clouds kept rolling in and out playing hide and seek with my painting. Happy with the result.

Yosemite Cathedrals View 12x 16, Oil on linen panel
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The Golden Spiral as a Plein Air Muse

Often when we study design and composition in Master paintings, the term Golden Mean or Golden Ratio of 1.61 is suggested as a focal basis for the design. Many of us in Plein Air use some short cut approximation of this by dividing the canvas into thirds and finding a focal area based on that. Another version is to find a square within the rectangular format of the canvas and set the focal point further off from that.

In the past few months in my paintings I’ve been exploring the Fibonaci sequence that actually generates the Golden Ratio and Golden Spiral. Its the spiral that is repeated so often in nature: pine cones, shells, etc. but has become an underlying design element in Architecture, Painting, Photography.

On location, rather than get too detailed in the math, I find the square on my rectangular canvas. Then to the outside of that square on an approximate third, I imagine and draw a Golden Spiral . This is my focal area and also gives me some eye movement spiraling around to the other side of the canvas. See if you can find evidence of this design in my painting from a few Tuesday ago at Asilomar Beach Dec 3, 2019.

“High Tide at Asilomar”
12 x 16 inch Plein Air oil on linen panel
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Capitola Plein Air Festival 2019

I had a wonderful, action packed 5 days at the Festival this year. I was honored to receive a “Special Award ” from the Santa Cruz County Assoc of Realtors on Sunday at the judging and show. I painted 9 oil paintings on linen panels. Here are a few of them . Contact me if interested in a purchase, and availability. A few can be seen in a larger size on the Plein Air tab.

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Join me at Capitola Plein Air 2019, on Sat and Sun Nov 2+ 3

I am honored to be selected as one of 40 artists to paint in this wonderful competition this week. The big show is Sunday from 1- 4 where we exhibit and have for sale all paintings created during the week. Tomorrow is a Quick draw where you can see us all paint at the Esplanade along the water in Capitola . We paint from 1-3 pm and judging and sales follow for that painting. Weather is Great ! Hope to see you there !

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Visit my Open Studio at our Home on Oct 26, 27 from 11am to 5pm

Monterey County is not having Open Studios this year. I’ve decided to have my own. Please come out and have some refreshments, and see my new and classic oils and watercolor paintings. Its a beautiful time of year to visit the Monterey area. You could even add a hike into the Fort Ord National Monument adjacent to our home. 18135 Porter St., East Garrison 93933

“Sailing Across the Bay” Oil on canvas , 16 x 20 in.

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Painting Award at National Trust event in Monterey

I was honored to receive a 2nd place award, from legendary Carmel Art Association artist Dick Crispo, at the National Trusts “Painting from Porches” Plein Air event on Oct. 6, in Monterey. We painted early on Saturday and submitted our framed paintings by 3pm. I did 2 quick paintings with no time to refine or second guess my approach. Happily my afternoon painting received the judges praise. Equally encouraging was that I sold several paintings , with some of the proceeds benefitting the wonderfully historically preserved Cooper-Moler Adobe.

2nd Place Award ” Saturday at Monterey Bay” 9×12 oil on linen panel
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Plein Air Festival this weekend in Monterey 9/21,22

I have been selected as one of the artists to paint in the National Trust for Historic Preservations “Painting from Porches” in Monterey. We paint on Saturday until 3pm in assigned locations throughout Old Monterey. I’ve been assigned to paint Plein Air at the Beach House near the old wharf.

On Sunday at the Cooper Molera Adobe from 11am-4pm the paintings will be judged and our work will be exhibited. Sales of Saturdays paintings and other paintings we wish to exhibit will be available. The Festival is Free. I will also paint a demo from the grounds of the Adobe. If you haven’t seen the restored adobe and barn please come by and take a look , they are fantastic.

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My Paintings at the Los Gatos Plein Air 2019 Festival

I really enjoyed painting in this great competition June 19-23, along with 27 other artists from around the country. Wow ! what beautiful work created by all during the week. Super well organized by the Los Gatos Morning Rotary and benefiting many great causes in the community. I was very happy with the 8 Plein Air pieces I did, capturing the light of the mornings and evenings,painting 2 per day usually in fog, wind or heat. Extra special, was to enjoy the kind comments I received during the show on Sunday, and to sell 3 of my pieces ! Here are photos of my work and of the 3 that sold at the end of this post.

“Santa Cruz Bodysurfing”
12 x 16 in. Oil on Linen panel Available $750
“Natural Bridges” Santa Cruz
12 x 16 in. Oil on Linen panel, Available $700
“1926 Model T Ford” Orchard Edition
9 x12 in. Oil on Linen panel Available $500
“Cathedral Glen”.
9 x12 in. Oil on linen panel Available $450
“Rancho San Antonio” Cupertino
14 x 18 in. Oil on Linen panel Available $925
“Los Gatos Main Street”
12 x12 in. Oil on Linen SOLD
“Twilight Dash” Los Gatos 9×12 in. Oil on Linen SOLD
“Saratoga Barn”
16 x 20 in. Oil on Canvas SOLD
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